Stages Of A Relationship Understand In 4 Easy Steps

Stages Of A Relationship

Are you want to know what are the stages of a relationship? Do you want to understand what are the 4 stages of a relationship which comes in the life of every person?

Before knowing what are the four main stages of a relationship, first know why it is important to understand about stages of a relationship, because if you have a good idea about what is the present stages of your relationship, then you easily have a good chance to maintain your relationship.

If you have a fair idea at what stage you are, then it easy for you to predict the future of your life with your partner.

Sages of a relationship really help to guide you what action you take at what time because making a relationship is very easy and maintaining it is very hard, if you really want to make your relationship healthy then you have a good idea about what are the stages of a relationship, you are dealing in your life?

Stages of a relationship

Stages of a relationship
1.Romance stage:

This is the very first stages of a relationship where you experience new and fascinated by everything about your partner.

Both of you feeling passionate about each other and doing all the things to satisfy your partner and make them happy.

You don’t notice any bad or negative things in each other because you are enamored with each other.

2.Familiar stage:

After the romance stage now it’s to be more familiar with each other. Now you knowing deeply about each other and know the positive & negative or weaknesses and strengths of each other.
This stage plays a very crucial role in deciding the future of any relationship because, at this time, most of the relationship may end.

After knowing the good and bad about their partner, the person easily decides whether they want to live or quit this relationship, all this happens after 6 months in a relationship, when you both know each other very well.

After some time in this stage now you more focus on your personal needs rather than your partner needs. At this time both partners feeling that their partner is not really giving them a priority and you know your partner is not able to fulfill their promises.

But the beauty of this stage is no matter what you feel but if you don’t break your trust in your partner, then it’s a great chance that your relationship will survive.

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After the familiar stage, when you know the reality about your partner when you know the good or bad of your partner but you still have trust in your partner and you accept them completely.

After familiar, the stage of acceptance comes where you accept your partner after knowing their weakness because you know very well no one is perfect in this world, everyone has some faults.

After some time during this stage now you feel more strong communication and bonding with your partner because you totally accept them in your life.


After the romance, familiar, and acceptance, now it’s to the commitment stage, it is the last stage of any relationship.

If your relationship still works till acceptance, then there are higher chances that your relationship will survive and you feel committed to each other.

During this stage, you truly love each other and feeling a deep bond between us. Now you feel motivated and feeling more committed to each other.


Stages Of A Relationship (2)

After knowing what are the stages of a relationship, now you have a better idea about at what present stage you are presently living in, so you have a good idea of how to deal and behave with your partner to make them happy.

There is no doubt the stages of a relationship, works as a road map for you, if you follow and understand the road map in the right way, then you never face any problem in your relationship.

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