Best Questions To Get To Know Someone( 200+ Questions)

Questions To Get To Know Someone

Asking questions to get to know someone is not easy if you met the first time to someone. Whenever we met someone we don’t have any idea what to ask and how to know about that person.

So in this article, I am going to share with you some questions to get to know someone very easily.

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Deep Questions

Questions To Get To Know Someone
1. What your way of living your life?

2.What thing you never want to do in your life and why?

3. When were you crying last time?

4. What is one thing you really want to change in yourself and why?

5. What is your hobby you like most?

6. Are you spiritual or religious in nature?

7. What is your greatest fear and how you deal with it?

8. How do you trust others?

9. What is the best part of your life until now?

10. What do you like most about your parents and why?

11. What things make you happy?

12. What was the happiest day of your life and why do you think that?

13. What is your favorite book and why?

14. What do you think about marriage and what is the right time to get married?

15. What is the ideal relationship means according to you?

16. How you change yourself according to time?

17. What are the means of perfect life according to you?

18. How do you look at yourself as a parent?

19. What is your greatest life tragedy?

20. How you react if you’re parent can’t accept your partner?

21. What is the name of that person who is very close to you?

22. What is the ideal time of hard work in your life?

23. What is the one thing you never live without?

24. How do you deal with life challenges?

25. What things make you feel uncomfortable?

26.Do you have faith in God or not and why?

27. Do you judge a book by its cover or not?

28. What do you think about love?

29. What is your biggest expectation from life?

30. What is your source of motivation?

31. How you react when you feel alone?

32. Do you believe in love or not?

33. Do you extrovert or introvert person?

34. What are your expectations of your partner?

35. What do you think about friends and friendship?

36. For what thing you most thankful in your life?

37. What is your thinking about life?

38. What type of life do you dream about?

39. What is your biggest life mistake?

40. What things make you real?

41. What things make you unhappy?

42.If their any movie which changes your life and why?

43. What is a good thing your link most about yourself?

44. What is a bad thing for you, don’t you like?

45. What is relationship means to you?

46. What is your dream in life?

47. What do you think about the world?

48. How you committed to someone?

49. What is your biggest secret in life?

50. How you face life challenges?

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Favorite Questions


Questions To Get To Know Someone

51. What is your favorite role model and why?

52.Whom you like most in your life and why?

53. What is your favorite food?

54. What is your favorite actor or hero?

55. What is your favorite cartoon?

56. What is your favorite beer?

57. What is your favorite visiting place?

58. What is your favorite game?

59. What is your favorite way to spend weekends?

60. Do you like chocolate or ice cream?

61. What is your favorite song and why?

62. What are your favorite things that make you happy anytime?

63. What is your most favorite indoor game?

64. What is your favorite drink?

65.Do you like Coke or Pepsi and why?

66. What is your favorite drama, always like to watch?

67. What is your favorite football team?

68. What type of job you like most?

69.What is your favorite subject?

70. What is your favorite music?

71. What is your favorite Casual?

72. What is that thing you like to do in your spare time?

73. Do you prefer day or night?

74. Do you like cats or dogs?

75. What is your favorite restaurant?

76. What is your favorite historical story?

77. Who is your favorite teacher and why?

78. What is your most favorable risk in life, you always want?

79. What is the most favorite food you can’t live without?

80. Do you like cold or hot chocolate?

81. Do you prefer winter or rainy season?

82. What is your favorite sleeping position and why?

83. What is your favorite thing while you going to sleep?

84.What type of season you like most and why?

85. What do you like most winter or summer?

86. What you most like the beach or pool?

87. Who is your favorite author or writer and why?

88. Name your favorite newspaper or magazine?

89. What is your most favorite holiday destination?

90. What is your favorite birthday gift?


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Career Questions


Questions To Get To Know Someone

91. What is your dream job?

92. What is your life goal and how you will achieve them?

93. Are you satisfied with your job and why?

94. What are your next 5 years’ goals?

95. What you most like about your job?

96. What thing you most dislike about your job?

97. What is your childhood dream?

98. What is your first job?

99. What is your last job?

100. What is your favorite business?

101. What is your life’s best carrier decision?

102. What is your future plan and how you will achieve them?

103. How you manage your professional life and personal life?

104. What is your greatest achievement ever related to your work?

105. What is your greatest failure related to your work?

106. What is the most important lesson you learn while doing your job or work?

107. How you manage challenges during your job?

108. What is that thing feel you more uncomfortable about your job?

109. Who is your favorite business guru or teacher and why?

110. What is the best management skill you learned about business?

111. What is the best way of doing business according to you?

112. What qualities make a great leader?

113. What is the difference between a boss and a leader?

114. What motivates you to do your work under a given time?

115. What is your retirement plan and how you achieve it?

116. Do you like to do a job or business?

117. What is the best carrier advice you give to youth?

118. What do you think about a workaholic person?

119. What thing do you teach to others as a business manager?

120. What is the greatest moment of your business or job carrier?

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Random Questions

Questions To Get To Know Someone

121. Do you like art or not?

122. What is your favorite outdoor habit?

123. What is your biggest strength and why?

124. How much you aware of health?

125. What is the most important quality you want from your partner?

126.Do you trust in paranormal activities or why?

127. How much romantic you are?

128. What is your best friend’s name and why do you like them?

129.What is your daily work routine?

130.Whom you like most in your family and why?

131. What thing you always want from your life?

132. What is one word describe you?

133. What good thing you always want from god?

134. What is your soul mate’s name?

135. How do your friends know about you?

136. What is your favorite exercise?

137.What fashion trends, do you like most, and why?

138. What is your greatest fear and weakness in life?

139. What is your lifetime achievement and how much you appreciate them?

140. What is your favorite musical instrument?

141. Do you know how to cook food?

142. What is the best memory of your life ever?

143. At what age do you think you fall in love?

144. What do you think about love and attraction?

145. What is a negative thing in you?

146. What is a bad thing in you but you don’t think it is bad for you?

147. What is your best social media platform?

148. Do you believe in family tradition or not?

149. What do you think about today’s world?

150. What is your favorite flower and why?

151. What you think about today’s people thinking?

152. What you think about humanity and do you like it or not?

153. What do you think about day-night dreams?

154. What is your most favorite thing about yourself?

155.How you react in your hard time and what advice you give to others?

156. What one superpower you always want and what will you do after getting this power?

157. Do you like veg or nonveg?

158. What is your favorite animal and why?

159. What is one dream moment you always want to achieve in your life?

160. What is one magical moment in your life?

161. What type of life partner you are looking for?

162. When were you crying most and why?

163. Do you like jokes or not?

164. What is your most favorite color?

165. What is your favorite dance step and why?

166. What you prefer true love or money?

167. How do you feel about love and relationship?

168. What is the perfect date according to you?

169. What are your favorite snakes?

170.Do you prefer tea or coffee and why?

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171. What are you do before sleeping?

172. What things make you passionate about life?

173. How is your dream house looks like?

174. What is your favorite car name?

175. Why most people fail in life according to you?

176. What is your most favorite dialogue or quote?

177. What things make your day perfect?

178. Do you ever experience a kiss?

179. What is your most favorite birthday gift?

180. What do you think about a good society or a bad society?

181. How you make yourself comfortable for a hard time?

182. Are you have a fear of dying or not?

183. What is your bad experience with the relationship?

184. What is your good experience with the relationship?

185.Do you believe in honesty and why?

186. Do you believe in good luck or not?

187. How do you feel about cheating someone?

188. Name the person whom you like to live forever?

189. What do you do for your pocket money during your education?

190. What things make you most crazy about life?

191.How many children you want as a parent and why?

192. How do you feel if someone breaks your heart?

193. Are you satisfied with your life achievement or not?

194. What is the most shocking thing about you, never share with anyone?

195. What is the greatest difference between imagination and reality?

196.How emotional you are and what things melt your heart?

197. How you cope with your anger?

198. Do you believe true love exist or not?

199.How romantic you are and how you make your relationship healthy?

200.How can you make your life easier and smooth?

201. When you feel more energetic in a day?

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