Sexless Marriage : Important Things To Know

Sexless Marriage : Important Things To Know

What is Sexless Marriage all about?


What is Sexless Marriage all about

A sexless marriage is a mutual agreement between two persons in which they live together without making any physical and sexual relationship. It is also known as nonsexual marriage.

According to some experts, the couples who are doing sex less than 10 times a year also consider in the sexless marriage category.

Those persons who have less interest in sex or having some sexual intimacy fear or another health issue they prefer sexless marriage.

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What Causes Sexless Marriages?


What Causes Sexless Marriages?

Nowadays sexless marriage graphs on the rise throughout worldwide. According to the statistics report Of Us only in America, around 15-16% of couples alone live in sexless marriage life.

Now we try to understand what are the main reason and causes of sexless marriage nowadays.

Lack of Sexual attraction towards partner:

This may be one of the biggest reasons behind sexless marriage. After some time of marriage or relationship people not feel happy with their relationship and feel boring and they lost attraction with your partner.

Intimacy Fear:

During physical relationships, people have fear in their minds about intimacy and they never share this thing with anyone. They always have a fear in their mind and they never ready for a physical relationship with their partner.

Poor Communication or No bonding with their partner:

In the beginning Its never easy to make a good bonding during a marriage or any relationship. If you fail to make a good bonding with your partner it simply means you are not properly communicating with your partner and its lead lack of bonding between you.

If you do not take any interest in your partner, your partner also not take any interest in you.

Boring Routine:

This is one of the true causes of why most sexless marriages occur. Couples feel boring because of their unhealthy lifestyle and busy timing inside and outside the bed. This thing really frustrates and makes a bad impact on their marriage life.

Lack of Sex drive or excitement: In this case, men and women suffer from their physical reduction in sex drive because of some chemical or other physical changes into them and they find no interest in their marriage.

Stress Or Depression:

Sometimes a person feels stress and depressed because of their unhealthy lifestyle and behavior. They can’t manage anything rightly and this causes trouble in their marriage life.

Biological and other Body changes:

Sometimes body changes like change in testosterone and thyroid also impact your body behavior and directly or indirectly impact your marriage life.

Psychological Abuse:

Due to some past physical and psychological abuse experiences, it’s very hard for a person to start a new sexual relationship.

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Tips for Improving and Cope With a Sexless Marriage


Tips for Improving and Cope With a Sexless Marriage

Do not blame each other:

The lack of sex in your marriage doesn’t mean you are not able to live together. So Never blame your partner about sexless marriage, because blaming each other is not the solution to this problem.

You have to understand each other issues, what things resist you while having sex, and how you deal with this problem.

Try to support your partner emotionally:

Sex plays a very important role in your relationship but sex is not everything. There are many other ways you also show your affection to your partner and try to support them emotionally.

If you do this, this thing really helps you to connect with your partner and they easily share everything with you about their problem.

Do not get angry:

When you are living in sexless marriage life, you are not feeling happy but if you really want to fix your sexless marriage life, you need to calm and away from your anger. You have to first analyze yourself and give a chance to your partner to improve and try to fix all the problems between both of us.

Never try Force full sex:

You need to apply a gentle approach during sexless marriage and never try to make a forceful sexual relationship with your partner.if you do this, your marriage life is getting worse.

So never do this, instead, you try to understand the situation and handle it with care.

Pay attention to your partner:

You have to listen carefully to what your partner what from you, what is their concern, and how you manage or clear their doubt.

Get medical advice:

You don’t hesitate to get medical advice from the doctor because there may be some biological issues and other hormonal changes happened with both of you, which may be the reason for your sexless marriage.

Go Outside and change your mind:

You spent some good time with your partner, you manage some good time in your daily busy schedule and go outside with your partner to change your mind.

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Can sexless marriage cause depression?


Can sexless marriage cause depression?

1. Sexless marriage directly or indirectly not impact your life physically but also as a cause of great mental illness and depression in many ways.

2. Feel helpless, boring, and sad, and there is no fun in life.

3. Facing difficulty in focusing on work and feeling so stressed.

4.Angry very quickly and feel very frustrated.

5. Feeling alone and unhappy.

6.Under sexless marriage facing some biological issue which causes physical unrest and digestive issue in your body.

7. You face constant fatigue and loss of confidence.

8. Life is full of restlessness.

9. Sometimes also face numbness and panic attacks.

10. Feeling oversleeping with full of anxiety and depression and some times serious weight loss.

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Sexless Marriage Advice For Men


Sexless Marriage Advice For Men

Fixing sexless marriage is not an easy task, for this, you need a lot of patience and a positive approach. Nowadays around 50 % of sexless marriage cases turn into a divorce.

As a Man, If you want to save your sexless marriage and convert into a happy sex-full marriage, you need to support your partner and avoid blaming her, give her some time and try to understand her problem.
Listen and communicate with your wife with the gentlemen’s approach and try to understand the cause and focus on the required solution.

Always try to show your affection to your wife and try to build up their trust and don’t hesitate to get medical advice, if required.