Why Do Breakups Hurt So Bad Understand In 5 Easy Steps

Why Do Breakups Hurt So Bad

Are you want to know why do breakups hurt so bad?

It is a general fact that almost every person in their life at least suffering from break up. If you have no idea how to deal with a breakup then you may suffer a lot from the breakup.

Before knowing why do breakup hurts so bad, but before that first get some basic idea about what are the stages of after break up which you are dealing with.

Emotional stages of a relationship break up:

Emotional stages of a relationship break up

1. Pain:

After a breakup, the very fast stage is you are suffering from a huge pain. Your broken heart makes you feel depressed and numb and this condition not really affect you physically but mentally.

During this process, the person is not concentrating on their work and all this situation makes you they make isolated from family and friends.


After the stage of pain now you are suffering from huge anger. You got very angry with small-small things and this is not a good thing because you behave abnormally and not able to do things in the right way.

A lot of anger makes you sick and increases your blood pressure and this really affects your body. If you are not careful in this stage huge anger may backfire and seriously impact your health and mental fitness.

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After the stage of anger, now you feeling so much hate for the person whom you love so much in the past because currently they destroy your life and they are responsible for your present condition.

At this stage, you don’t really hate them but you really hate what they did to you, and for this, you feel so bad and your heart feeling so much hurting with revenge feeling.

4. Jealousy:

After the suffering from hate, now your heart is feeling so much revenge and you start feeling jealous. Feeling jealous is one of the most dangerous stages among the five stages.

A person who is suffering from jealousy, do any things badly but at this time you need to be very careful and focus on avoiding the past things, just keep yourself busy in your future goals.

5. Love:
After facing all the four stages now it’s a stage of over break up, now your heart looking for true love. Your mind and body are able to look for someone who supports you and loves you so much.

Reasons Why Do Breakups Hurt So bad:

Reasons Why Do Breakups Hurt So bad

In this life no one likes breakup but unfortunately it is very common nowadays. Now here you will find the reasons why do breakups hurt so badly.

1. Worried about future:

Every person after the break, they have no idea what they do in their future because they are not able to make any decision and their mind and body is not working accordingly.

They don’t know what they were doing in their life without this relationship.

2. Feeling of something lost:

While in a relationship phase people think that they have full control over their partner and that’s why unfortunately after the break they feel they lost something which they have own thing but in reality, it is not true.

And this is the reason why people feeling so much pain after break up because their subconscious mind isn’t able to accept they lost something in which they have full ownership rights.

3.Poor self-image:
After the breakup, people feeling low and they make their own poor self-image and they make them themself the reason behind their breakup.

This situation really feels them so painful and full of guilty, your poor self-image makes your break very hard to forget and painful.

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4.Lack of self-belief and self-confidence:

After the break, it is normal that a person feels low confidence and they have lost their self-trust. They think they are useless because they lost a very special person whom they love but now there is nothing left.

The person who feels low confidence is ready to do anything wrong because they don’t have the ability to do, what is right or what is wrong.

5.Feeling Rejected:

Everyone hates rejection, no one likes rejected either it’s a man or a woman. After break up, people are feeling more rejected and they feel low self-esteem.

They hate themself and think if they were good, so why they face break and rejection. This situation really breaks them and feel lonely.

Why it is so hard dealing with break up?

1. After break up your mind and body not able to accept that you had break up because they are habitual of hugs, kiss, touches.

2.Your unforgettable past memories with your partner really make you cry and experience you lot of pain and offering you a lot of sicknesses mentally and physically.

3.Dealing with break lost your mind and it’s very hard to focus on your business or daily work, you have face loss and financial problems.

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