Best Reasons Why Men Leave Women In A Relationship(25+)

Reasons Why Men Leave Women In A Relationship

Its never to easy to believe that why men leave women in a relationship. Up and downs is a part of every relationship, but unfortunately, sometimes men leave women in a relationship, and for women its very hard to find the answer why she leaved by a man while in a relationship.

Nowadays maintaining a healthy relationship is not so easy because it requires a lot of dedication, passion, love, and respect.No women in this world want to be dumped by a men because the feeling of being dumped is very painful. Here is the most common reason why men leave women in a relationship which really helps you to understand to get your answer.


This is one of the most common reasons why men leave women in a relationship.

The man who loves you more than anything avoid everything except cheating in a relationship. As a woman, if you cheated your men, he feels humiliated and his ego hurts and this thing is very bad for your relationship.

While cheating man loses his confidence and feels very odd, they can’t tolerate this thing very easily. As a result sooner or later they leave you and keep themself away from you.

If you still cheating your man in a relationship, stop doing the thing and honestly get on the right track otherwise no one stop to spoil your relationship.

2.Lack of emotional bonding:

After some period of time, man feels lack of emotional attachment in a relationship and he feels no interest in living with you because you never spend quality time with him.

As a woman, you never try to connect with your husband emotionally and never try to understand what your man really wants from you. As a result, a man loses interest in the relationship and find someone else.


If you are not serious about your relationship and never show honest behavior with your man.

You always hide things from him and not convenience that you are right in your relationship and always feel him insecure. He feels guilty with you in a relationship with you and no longer wants to maintain a relationship with you.

If you really want to improve your relationship, you stop lying to him, no matter whatever the result. If you speak the truth and trying to honest with him, so he also understands you and starts again trust on you.

4. Always trying to feel him jealous:

If you always trying to feel your man jealous of small-small things then these things really impacts your relationship. No man wants their wife to consistently flirt with other men.

Sooner or later your man feels jealous and changes his mind to move on this relationship because no man wants humiliation in any relationship.

So never try to feel jealous of your man in your relationship, as a woman you need good behavior with your man.

5. Avoid him and acting indifferent:

It’s not fair if you suddenly avoid him and acting indifferent in your relationship because if you do this leads to lack of equality and daily interaction, as a result, sooner or later your relationship will suffer.

If you avoid and acting indifferent in your relationship, your man feels a lack of approval and thinks you make him fool. Why your behavior suddenly change and this question really hurts him and makes him feel bad.

As a woman, if you always want a healthy relationship with him, never try to avoid him or act indifferent in your relationship.

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6.Acting insecure in a relationship:

It is not a good sign of a relationship, if you acting insecure without any cause. If you do, this is a big turn off for a man and man to make self-doubt in a relationship.

He takes so much stress and feel uncomfortable to continue the relationship because he thought that is he done any mistake in a relationship, why she feeling insecure with me.

If you still feel him insecure about relationships, stop this and try to make a deep attachment with him, otherwise, a big misunderstanding creates between you and your man ready to leave you.

7.Your negative deposition or negative behavior:

What a man does, if he always faces and living with a negative person like you who always thinks negative in every situation.

If you always speak negative or bad words for everyone and always try to criticize others without any cause. This is not a positive sign in your relationship because no one wants a negative person around him.

If you really want to sustain your relationship, you need to change your thinking from positive to negative, so some positiveness comes in your relationship, otherwise, your man never wants to live with a negative person.

8.Deal with Changes:

Its never easy to deal with changes for anyone, if you change your behavior in your relationship after some time. This thing is not acceptable in a healthy relationship, because if some man builds a relationship with you, it simply means he interested to your behavior, habits, and passion.

But what he can do, if you change your behavior in your relationship and avoid him, misbehave him and not looking serious about relationships.

In this world no one is ready to accept sudden changes, as a woman if your behavior is a change in your relationship, it is not a good thing. So to fix this you need to analyze why sudden changes come into you and why it happens, otherwise, you lose your man.

Why Men Leave Women In A Relationship

9. Never appreciate or lack of appreciation:

Everyone likes appreciation, if you appreciate your man then its a healthy sign of relationship but what if you never say or thanks to your man.

Sooner or later this thing really frustrates your partner because if you never appreciate your partner, your man never feels motivated and lose passion in your relationship. He feels himself like a pet who doing work without any passion.

Because of your lack of appreciation, he stops taking initiative and lose interest in the relationship and quit you In a relationship.

10. Never take any initiative:

In a relationship, you never take any initiative from your own side, always looking for that your man takes any initiative to fix any misunderstanding between you.

It shows you are not responsible for your healthy relationship and this thing may lead to a huge misunderstanding and lack of trust in your relationship.

As a woman if you are really serious about the relationship, so you need to take initiative first and prove your strong love with your man, otherwise, your man leaves you.

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11. Avoid to spending quality time:

You never plan to spend some quality time with a man and keep yourself busy in other works like a meeting, technology, and other useless activities.

You never try to focus on your man to spend some quality time and give a chance to know well each other, also make a better bond of love between you.

As a woman, if you do all these things, please avoid it and at least manage some quality time and spend with the tour man, otherwise it impact your relationship very badly. You give a chance to close each other and rebuild your trust and a strong relationship.

12.Lack of intimacy:

lack of intimacy is one of the biggest reason, why man leave women in a relationship because, during intimacy your confidence level is decreasing, your apathetic behavior towards your partner spoil your relationship.

While intimacy you not able to take your responsibilities and your behavior is highly critical of your partner and finally, you fail to communicate your feelings to your man.

All these things during lack of intimacy badly impact your relationship and your partner try to move away from this relationship.

13. Loss of attraction:

After some in a relationship, most men lose attraction about their partner, they avoid to kiss and hug you, because of your looks. No, focus on your health and personality.sooner or later he turned off from your personality and a result he starts looking towards another place.

As a woman, it’s your mistake that you are not attracted to a man and not engage your man in a healthy relationship with you. So to avoid this type of problem you need to be health-conscious and keep improving your personality.

14. Boredom:

Up and downs is a part of every relationship, sometimes you feel happy and sometimes you feel bored in your relationship but what happens if you continue to face boredom in your relationship.

It’s not a normal thing if you face boredom for a long period of time in your relationship. As a woman you not take serious responsibility in your relationship and keep busy yourself in other useless work, you never try to excite your partner and avoid excitement and passion in your relationship.

As a result of your man also starts to avoid you and come home late at night and keep themselves busy. Sooner or later he makes a plan to left away from you.

15.Emotional Instability:

Do you ever think about how your man reacts if he knows that you are emotionally unstable for a long time? Your extreme fluctuations of emotions from high to low or happy to sad rapidly change and may be critical to understanding to your partner and he may disagree to continue a relationship with you.

As a woman, if you facing this kind of problem, honestly speak to your partner and if require take medical advice because sometimes this emotional instability caused by biochemical and hormonal changes in your your relationship may not suffer.

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16. Too much emotional dependency:

Having some amount of dependency on your partner is acceptable but what happens if you are totally dependable on your partner, this is not a good thing if you want a long relationship with your partner.

Overcome to an emotional dependency you need a lot of courage and this is only possible when you build a strong belief to your partner that you are ready to face any challenge and try to win, then your man really supports you.

As a woman you must have to avoid the emotional dependency on your partner, so your partner also feels comfortable with you in a relationship, otherwise, lots of responsibilities may force him to leave you in a relationship.

Why Men Leave Women In A Relationship

It’s not a good deal if you always compare everything in your relationship because a comparison of your relationship with others really harms your relationship.

As a woman you always compare small things in your relationship, this may leads to you serious tension with your partner and sometimes he may disagree and also feel disrespect in a relationship.

So if you want a faithful relationship, you have to avoid compare things in your relationship because no one is equal and perfect in this world, every person has a different thinking.


Sometimes your disagreement behavior may end of your may disappoint your partner by showing your disagreement in some of the life big decision like parenting, family planning, finance, home, car and in future planning.

Your disagreement on all major life decisions may disappoint your partner and he will plan to quit you because of your rude behavior.

19.Your nagging behavior:

Are you always criticize your partner, finding faults to him, and feeling angry about small things without any logic.

Constant complaining about everything really feels odd to your partner and this type of negative emotions may create misunderstanding in your relationship and creates a fight between you.

So you have to avoid your nagging behavior with your partner and also away from complaining things all the time, otherwise, you may lose your relationship.

20.Competitive environment:

Are you making your relationship competitive and your partner feels competition while living with you? Are you behave over smartly with your partner and try to put him down, this is a very serious matter.

If you create a battleground in your relationship and try to compete with your partner on small things, so there is no chance of survival of your relationship in longer run.

If you not living with mutual understanding with your partner, your relationship may end soon and your partner takes no time to keep a distance from you.

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21. Try to dominate your partner:

A relationship is all about respect, love, and mutual understanding but what happens if you try to dominate your partner and control his life.

You behave your partner like a pet and try to control all the things, here you make a big mistake, you hurt the ego of your partner and also at the same time is fell disrespect in the relationship, so a man can do anything to satisfy his ego.

He didn’t wait to make a decision to can’t live with you or limit himself in a relationship.

22. Continue to fail to fulfill your commitment:

Commitment is the backbone of any relationship, if you are not committed to your partner, there is no means of relationship.

Are you continuously fail to fulfill your commitment and break your trust with your partner. You never prioritize your commitment and fail to understand your how can you imagine a good relationship with your partner. It’s impossible to survive.


Do you always underestimate your man and make him feel guilty. This is not a good sign of your relationship.

If you underestimate your man this shows your self-centered behavior and selfish nature and this thing really frustrates your partner and also ruins your relationship.

So you never underestimate your partner, if you really want to make your relationship happy.

24. You are always available:

If you are always available to your partner then you doing a big mistake, because if you are always available for him, he can’t respect you so much and think that you are very easy to target.

So it’s very important in a relationship, realize your value and keep busy yourself in your work and try to not available always to your partner.if you adopt this approach in the right way, then if think and about you and also respect don’t lose your value in the relationship, avoid always available approach.

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Reasons Why Men Leave Women In A Relationship

25. Lack of communication:

This is one of the most tragic reasons why men leave women in relationship. In most cases couples have a huge misunderstanding because of lack of communication, they never share their feelings or emotions with each other and in the long run, this thing creates a huge impact on your relationship.

As a woman, if you still hesitate to communicate with your partner in a better way, so try to establish good communication with your partner and show your love and emotions. Realize him how much you love him.

26. Lack of trust:

No relationship survives without trust in relationship. if you also feel a lack of trust in your relationship, so it’s a big issue for you. Firstly you need to fix it as soon as possible otherwise it’s hard to survive your relationship.

You have to rebuild your trust with your partner and make him realize that you are very honest with him and completely trust him.if you not win their trust, soon you lose your relationship.

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