Best Im Sorry Quotes For Lover 2020

Im Sorry Quotes

1. Im sorry I am not a perfect one, please talk to me.

2. I am sorry I am not perfect, but I will try my best to make you happy.

3. Please give me one chance to prove how much I love you.

4. Im sorry please don’t live me alone, otherwise, I will break completely.

5. I have no words to express or show you how I feel guilty while hurting you, just say honestly I am sorry.

6. I can’t sleep without you, I am incomplete without you please come back and forgive me, I am extremely sorry.

7. I am not good to convince you but I am really sorry about everything, please forgive me.

8. I know sorry is not enough but I promise I change myself, I hope you give me one chance to win your trust.

9. I don’t know what happens with us, but I’m sorry to you for everything bad happens between us, trust me it never happens again.

10. Fools say sorry but a kind man proves they are sorry, I am sorry dear.

11. I love you, more than anything but if I am saying sorry to you than it really means for me, I never want to hurt you.

12. I know I break your trust but I really feel sorry for this, please try to understand me, I am very honest to you.

13. My love, I am extremely sorry I can’t spend quality time with you, but I promise I never commit the same mistake again.

14. Im sorry I can’t able to prove myself perfect in relationship with you, so please forgive me.

15. I am sorry for everything from my past wrong behavior, I really feel guilty for that, trust me I never break your trust.

16. You are best from me in every way but I am not good as you, I just want you back in my life, please come back in my life. Im sorry from my heart.

17. I am sorry that I behave like a selfish person with you, please forgive me and don’t break my relationship with me.

18. I can only hope that you give me a second chance to get back our relationship on the right track, I love you so much and I really feel guilty for my misbehave please forgive me.

19. I never want any type of fight with you, I really love you and I am very sorry to you.

20. I feel very bad about you and also sorry for my bad behavior, I really need you, please come back in my life.

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Im Sorry Quotes (relationship)

Im Sorry Quotes (relationship)

21. I am never lying to again in my life, please give me one chance to survive our relationship.

22.Im sorry that I am unable to fulfill my promise so give me one chance to prove my self-right, so I can win your trust again.

23. Please forgive me that I am feeling jealous of you, it is not a good thing, I realize this, honestly, im sorry for that.

24. Please don’t keep yourself away from me, I am sorry that I am not committed to you.

25. I am sorry to feel you guilty in eyes of others please forgive me, its all about my mistake.

26. Please forgive me, I am sorry I do not control my anger and react with you very bad, I never do that again, its my promise, I hope you understand.

27. Im sorry that I do not help you when you really need it in your hard time, please forgive me.

28.No matter who did the mistake but very sorry for last night’s incident.

29.Im sorry for that I ignore you and hurt you publicly, I know sorry is not enough for this.

30. I am sorry for everything that all bad happens with our relationship, but from now I never leave you alone, I really love you.

31. Please accept my apology that I am thinking negatively about you, all it’s my mistake.

32. Im sorry that I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities as you perform, I promise I will try my best to make you happy.

33. I give my best to make our relationship healthy, just forgive me for all my past bad habits, I never repeat them.

34. I know I always hurt you directly or indirectly and I broke your heart, so please forgive me and start a relationship with me.

35. Im sorry that I am not defending you when you need it, please accept my apology and accept my friendship.

36. Im sorry I never try to understand your feelings, please give me one last chance to prove myself that I really care about you.

37. I am a very hot-tempered person please forgive me, and hug me, I promise never to repeat this mistake.

38.Im sorry that I never give you first priority but now I realize my mistake, please forgive me and start our relationship with a new passion.

39. I never want to hurt you, if I hurt you directly or directly please forgive me.

40. When you upset me because of my mistake I feel very bad, I’m sorry that I make you upset without any reason.

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Im Sorry Quotes (heart touching)

Im Sorry Quotes (heart touching)

41. Im sorry that I forget your birthday and not give you any time, please forgive me.

42. I am sorry that you are the only person who understands me better than anyone please come back.

43. Im sorry that I never try to understand your emotions and feelings please forgive me, I never do this again, please talk to me.

44. Please never avoid me, I feel very bad if you avoid me and I am very sorry for everything that I hurt you and not keep my promise.

45. I need you, my love, please never upset on me, I never trust anyone in this world except you, please come back in my life, I am sorry.

46. I am sorry, I really don’t know what I do without you, I am very afraid that you leave me alone, please forgive me and come back and hug me, I am very sorry.

47. Im sorry I am never taking you seriously, please forgive me, and give me one chance to prove my love to the world.

48. You are the queen of my dreams and without you, my life is like a soil without water. Please forgive me, I need you, I can’t live without you.

49. I am sorry that I feel you alone and you suffering all this because of me, I am sorry, I fix all these things please give me one chance.

50. My mind and body need your hugs and I never feel alone what I feel now, please come back in my life and Im sorry for everything.

51. Every moment I miss you badly, why you go away from me, I hurt you so much, please forgive me and accept my love again.

52. I am sorry for messing our relationship, please forgive me, I never repeat this thing in my life please accept our relationship.

53. I am sorry I never feel about you right now I am feeling about you, please come back and hold my arms, I am sorry it’s very hard to survive without you.

54. Every second I feel very bad, when you not live with me, I miss you so much, please come back in my life.

55. Im sorry I am not perfect, please forgive me, I know sorry is not enough because I committed a huge mistake, I hurt you badly.

56. Im sorry that I take you wrong and thinking negative about you, please forgive me.

57. Im sorry but I told you one thing that I really love you and always feel crazy about you, I don’t know why you hack my mind.

58.I’m sorry I can’t forget you in my whole day and night, I miss you so much.

59. I assure you that there is no misunderstanding happens again in our life, please forgive me.

60. Please forgive me, I know I am very selfish, I promise I will change my habit, please forgive me.

61. Im sorry that I am not making good food for you, please forgive me.

62.Im sorry that I am not things right whatever you want from me.

63. Please forgive me I never want to hurt you but I lie to you, I know I am not a good person.

64. My heart is feeling very painful when I saw you sad, please let me know what happens and forgive me if I hurt you ever.

65. Im sorry I didn’t mean that I break your heart, I am looser, please forgive me.

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