Why Are You Single And How You Fix This In Best Way 2020

Why Are You Single

Are you also want to know why are you single or not found your love.

Do you also wondering why are you still single and not found the perfect life partner. Here If you read this line which simply means you are living alone and a single person who still dreaming about a life partner.

Then you are coming to the right place where you know what are the reason why are you single and if you know the reasons why are you single then you easily find the answer and work on it to achieve it.

Reasons Why Are You Single

Here I am sharing with you some possible reasons why you are single, so after knowing the reasons than its easy for you to find the answer.


1. Fear or afraid to fall in love:

One of the most important reasons why you are single is your fear. Because you are one of those people who still have fear in your mind that you are not confident about love.

Maybe there are many reasons behind that why you are afraid to fall in love because of your past bad experience about love, or maybe you are not ready to take any responsibility or you never think about love seriously.

Many people also do not have any idea how to love their partner if they have, they don’t know how to rekindle the relationship.

If you are facing a problem like this then it’s better for you, go outside talk with others about what you thinking about love and also share with your close friends.

2. No time for love:
Are you of one who not found your love because you have no time for love. Maybe you are not serious about love or gives priority to your work and thinking that love is the waste of time and this is not the right time to love.

And it is a very true thing that love needs a lot of time and dedication to making your relationship successful.

Most people also think that finding a life partner or your soul mate is an impossible thing nowadays.

If you still thinking why are you single because of this reason then you may try online dating sites or join some club where you get the opportunity to find your partner.

3.Does not find your dream partner:

Every person has a different mindset and different feeling, so they also expect perfect things in there life partner but unfortunately, they still can’t find the perfect one.

Lack of qualification of other person keep you away from your love and you are not feeling satisfied.

Because of this reason that why are you single, to solve this issue you need to understand one thing that in this world no one is perfect and this is not a dream, it’s a real-life, so change your mindset and thinking positive about life, if you think positive and accept the reality then it’s very easy for you, to find your perfect life partner.


4.Past life bad experiences:

In today’s world around more than 60% of people have never thought about love and why they are still single because all they have very bad past experiences about love and relationship.

Because of the bad experience they have no courage to break there hurt again and suffering from pain and stress, they don’t want to cry again so think that it’s better to keep away from the thoughts of love and focus on other life goals to achieve success.

If you really want to change the tag why are you single then you take positive steps and forget about your bad past experiences about love and give your life to a second chance and try to be happy in your life.

5.Fear of rejection:

Many people also hesitate to do love because they are not good looking or not a famous personality and they think that no other person loves them.

They feeling insecure about love and have a lack of confidence because they are not beautiful and if they try to love someone they may be laughing on you or maybe reject you.

The fear of rejection avoid you to take steps to find your love and this is the reason why you are single.

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Why Are You Single, Now Its Time To Find the Love Again

Why Are You Single, Now Its Time To Find the Love Again
Are living single from the last couple of moths and for a year and when you going outside no one notice you who the hell are you.

Are you one who always has no feelings or attraction about love and the opposite sex.

Do you notice or think seriously why you are single and not found your partner till now.

Here is a checklist which gives you an idea about why are you single, so you work on it:

1. Are you too demanding:

Maybe this is one of the main reasons why are you single because you are too demanding from your opposite sex.

You are expecting too much from others, and when another person is not able to fulfill your expectations then you leave them or you break up them

Here you need to understand one thing that in this world no one is perfect and so you have to avoid expecting too much from the other side otherwise its not good for your relationship.

2. Are you uninviting person:
Do you think ever why you are an uninviting person, whats is the reason behind this.

May be your facial expression is not good, it just looks like a “don’t talk to me” or your face looks sad and depressed, people avoid talking with a person who has no good facial expression.

So if you want to change this image and attract other people to interact with you, so try to keep your smile on your face with a positive attitude and don’t hesitate to talk with another person.

3. Do you take care of your self:
Why I am asking you do you take care of your self, it simply means that are you grooming yourself and focus on personal hygiene.

If you don’t take care of yourself than you not look attractive and maybe people not attracted to you.

It’s a natural fact that people attracted to good looking things no matter it’s a human or other thing and they avoid unattractive things.

So make sure you work on personality, look and try to be attractive, so more people attracted to you and there is a better chance to find your love and you are not thinking again why are you single again.

4. Are you a socialize person or not:

Are you a one-person who stop themselves to e social and avoid going outside and face the other people.

Do you think if you avoid people interacting with you than how they will notice you and take interest in you and dreaming about you because they really don’t know hat you like and what’s your interest?

So If you are really serious about that you don’t want to be single anymore, go outside and interact with many people and express yourself as much as possible.


If you follow all these checklists and work on them then sooner or later you get your life partner and you feel happier than ever because then no one asking you a question why are you single.

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