Love Hate Relationship Sign And How To Fix With 10 Points

Love Hate Relationship Sign And How To Fix It With 10 Points


Are you question yourself what is love hate relationship and how you identify that you in a love hate relationship.

Do you ever think why people face love hate relationship when they live with their partner, what is the reason behind this?

As you know love is a very complex emotion but a good feeling but what happens if your partner hates you in a relationship.

When a person feeling low self-esteem then they face problems like a love hate relationship, somewhere low self-esteem is responsible for love hate relationships.

Love-hate relationships develop in between any type of relationship you have with others like parents, children, lovers, wife, friends.

Signs of Love hate relationship:

Are you still confuse how you figure out that you are in love hate relationship, here I am going to share with you some points which really helps you to understand that you re in love hate relationship.

1. Don’t feel a deep connection :

You lose interest and not feeling passionate about your partner. Most of the time you are not feeling motivated to live with your partner.

Are you also feeling a lack of intimacy with your partner and there are no feelings remaining between you this leads to a fight and stress atmosphere between you?

2. Are you believe in showing off:

Are you not really feel happy with your partner at home but in public or in front of others you try to be as a happy couple than it simply means you are I love hate relationship.

If your inner world and the outside world are different from each other then you need to understand that there is something wrong in your relationship.

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3. You have unresolved issues:

If you have so many unresolved issues with your partner and you always avoid it to solved or maybe you hate to talk on this topic and that’s why you feel lack of attachment and later or sooner your relationship will be affected.

You’re unresolved not only impact your relationship but also lead to your relationship towards love hate relationship and there is constant up-downs happen in your relationship.

4. Beak up and makeup relationship cycle:

Are your relationship also suffering from the breakup and makeup relationship cycle because of your past relationship mistake wrong attitude and misunderstanding between you?

Here Break up and makeup relationship cycle means that your relationship is in a very unstable position. On one moment you love your partner but at the same time, you upset your partner and try to ignore them.

But sooner or later you try to again try to talk with your partner after the fight because you don’t want to lose them really but also not feel happy with their behavior.

5. You hate things about a partner:

Are your partner does not fulfill your relationship and not honest with you that’s why you hate your partner.

You are also tried to improve your partner habits but they denied a chance. They not take you seriously whenever you discuss this topic.

And all these things really frustrate you and you lose interest in long term relationships with your partner.

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How to Fix a Love hate Relationship:

How to Fix a Love hate Relationship

There is always a possible solution to every problem if you are struggling with love hate relationship problems and really want your relationship to get back on the right track so you need to follow few steps which are given below.

1. Communication:

Communication is the key to the success of every relationship and your communication bonding tells others how much strong relationship you have.

If you really want to fix a love hate relationship than you need to work on your communication and also focus on how you learn to express yourself in front of your partner.

And if you have any doubts or any misunderstanding of your partner, don’t hesitate to talk with your partner. If you do like this your partner also takes interest to talk with you and there is less chance of any argument and fight between you.

2. Accept them:

In this world no one is perfect every one commit mistakes in their life if your partner is also committing a mistake and you upset on them, there is no means of a relationship if you really want to fix your love hate relationship with them you need to change your thinking and accept them.

If you accept your partner even after their mistake and forgive them, later or sooner they realize their mistake and feel guilty.

And if you appreciate them adopting new good habits, then your relationship going on the right track with long term relationship goals.

3. Always think positive:

No matter what you are facing in your current relationship but it doesn’t mean you lose your hope and start thinking negatively about your relationship.

Just give some time to yourself and your partner and start thinking about your relationship that how you avoid love hate relationship.

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4. Always honest:

As you know honesty is the best policy and its work in every part of life, so if you face a currently love hate relationship, don’t lose hope and always be honest with your partner.

Later or sooner they really impress by your honesty and feel deeply connected to you and regain trust relationship with and never try to hurt you again.

5. Seek expert advice if needed:

After trying all the possible options and you still suffering from love hate relationships, then never hesitate to take a subject matter expert who really helps you to transform your love hate relationship into a healthy relationship.



Maintaining a healthy relationship with long term goals is not an easy task, you need a lot of commitment, dedication, trust, respect, and passion about your partner.

In every relationship, there is up and downs are coming, maybe your relationship suffering from love hate relationship, but it doesn’t mean you lose hope, whatever reason you notice which are responsible for your love hate relationship try to solve it with calm and good manner.

Always try to fix the relationship issues with discussing together, no matter are you facing love hate relationships, or any other problem, unity, and trust is the key to resolve any issue in your relationship.

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