Preparing For Marriage Not Just The Wedding Best Tips (2020)

Preparing For Marriage Not Just The Wedding Best Tips (2020)

Are you getting married in a few months and you have no idea how to preparing for marriage not just the wedding.

Firstly you need to understand that what it’s mean preparing for marriage not juts the wedding.

Its simply means that you have to plan your marriage in aright way so it will going last long, not limited to for few months.

Now here one question is coming in your mind that why preparing for ,marriage not just the wedding is important.

The answer is most of the couples doing this mistake they never plan they marriage goals and they just lost in thinking about the starting days of their marriage life like, how they enjoy their honeymoon, sex life but they forget about preparing for the next step.

And for this result sooner or later after the few months of marriage they loose their interest in marriage and fee guilty.So now you get some idea why preparing for marriage not just the wedding is important for healthy and successful marriage life.

Now I am going to share with you a checklist which guides you how preparing for marriage not just the wedding.

How preparing for marriage not just the wedding

1. Ask questions as much as possible:

If you really want preparing for marriage not just the wedding, then ask question to your partner as much as possible, so you make in depth great discussion with your partner.

If you ask question to your partner after doing research while book reading and from other resources like magazine, these questions not only helps you to make a strong communication bond between you but also gives a clarity about your marriage life.

While making a list of questions try to cover every aspect of life, like questions related to love,responsibilities, family, job,carrier, finance, security, sacrifice and also some personal questions.

2. Analyze the character strength of your partner:

I am sure you feel very confident about your healthy and successful marriage life after kn owing the the character strength and qualities of your partner.

While analyzing the character strengths of your partner you must notice what are the important factors which plays a very important role in your marriage like respect,trust, honestly,love,sacrifice,thankful etc.

After analyzing all these character strengths of your partner, than its easy for you how preparing for marriage not just the wedding.

3. Know the weakness and work on it:

A good communication is a key to successful relationship, your level of communication know others that how well you know about each other.

While having a good communication with your partner, you easily got an idea on what things you have to work as a couples together and which areas do you need to improve.

After knowing each other you got a idea what skills you may need to continue your relationship as a couple, so later on you no need to face your difficulty in your relationship.

4. Learn the way to express your self:

In every relationship, expression is very important, why I am suggesting this, because most couples here doing a big mistake they can’t express yourself in front of your partner.

The reason behind it why couple’s unable to express yourself in front of their partner there is two main reason behind this, first may be they feel hesitate and second reason is they assume that there is no need to express your partner, there partner easily understand all things without knowing them.

If you can’t express yourself in front of your partner its hard for them to assume that what you want and also this creates a misunderstanding between both of you, so to avoid this problem you need to focus on how well you express your partner so there is no confusion remaining between us.

Also you have learn the vital communication skills so you avoid conflict and fight between you and make your relationship healthy and last long.


5. Make a checklist together:

If you really serious about preparing for marriage,not just the wedding than you need to prepare a checklist together, which is related to your commitment, your goals and how you achieve all this.

In this checklist you have to mention what is the most important factor which plays a important role in your marriage like how you manage job,office time, education,children,finance, love,quality time and many more like that.

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Preparing for marriage not just the wedding (Random checklist)

Preparing for marriage not just the wedding (Random checklist)

1. Always be committed:

Commitment is a best choice to start you marriage life successfully.if you really committed to your partner, there is greater chances that your partners is also behaving the same with you.


2.Discuss and plan about Children:

Discuss your partner how many children you and how you mange time and education of your children and what is your family planing.

Discuss them when you wants kids and how you mange career and life goals, so its very easy for you to maintain a healthy relationship.

3. Discuss about Money and finance:

Money plays a very important role in everyone life, so don’t hesitate to talk on money about your partner.

How you get secure about money and finance in future, try to make a clarity on your spending habits and how you save money for future living.

If you make a good discussion on this topic than it easy for you to plan your short term and long term money goals and also helps you top avoid fight between you.

4. Discuss about what you expect from the marriage:

That is the great thing if you no about what your partner is expecting you from this marriage life.

so Its a good thing if you discuss what you expect from the marriage to each other, so after marriage there is a great chance of your successful marriage.

5.Start thinking as a team:
It is a good thing if you get habitual before marriage about start thinking as a team and for this you have to use the word of we in place of I.

Try to thinking together to achieve your mutual goals and plans.If you work as a team than there is less chance of failing your relationship.

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