Questions To Ask Your Crush You Really Love (200+)

Questions To Ask Your Crush

What Questions To Ask Your Crush, every person thinks about that carefully when they are starting a phase of their relationship.

1000 Questions For Couples


If you have to know idea what question you need to ask your crush, check this list I really assure you start a good conversation with your crush and will make a valuable relationship with them.

1. What is the worst life experience do you have?

2. What is that thing you always wish to do but never perform?

3.At what time you feel more confident during the day?

4. What do you think about today’s society and is it working fine?

5. What kind of people you never give preference in your life?

6. What type of person whom you always want to meet?

7. What is your greatest source of motivation in this life?

8. What do you think about porn culture in our society?

9. According to you what is the most common issue of our society?

10. What is the most wondering experience of your life?

11. What is your dream, you must achieve before death?

12. What bad thing you always want to change in you?

13. What is the best thing in you, you always proud of yourself?

14. Do you prefer to talk with introvert or extroverts?

15. What type of person are you extrovert or introvert?

16. How kind you are with your friends and unknown person?

17. If you get a chance to put a tattoo on your body, how can you react?

18. What is the hardest life experience do you face ever?

19. Is your priorities will change according to time to time?

20. What is the greatest lesson you learned about life?

21. What question do you expect from me to answer honestly and truthfully?

22. What do you think about happiness and where it comes from?

23. Do you like to plan your day or not?

24. What is true beauty means according to you?

25. What is your biggest expectation from this life and why?

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Questions To Ask Your Crush

26. Do you want to live forever or not?

27. As a friend how can I remove to fix your pain?

28. What thing you never share with anyone but want to share with me?

29. Do you trust life after death or not?

30. Do trust in a marriage or prefer to live in a relationship?

31. What do you think about every life that has a purpose or not?

32.According to you what things make our life meaningful?

33. What do you think about today’s world transformation?

34. What is that thing you always dreaming about to achieve it?

35. What is that thing you always proud of yourself and why?

36.The word home, what reminds you, when you hear the first time?

37. Have you ever face any heartbreak situation or not?

38. What is the correct definition of love according to ou and why love is important for you?

39. Do you trust in spirituality and are you a spiritual person?

40. What do you think about religion, it is good for humanity or not?

41.What type of person you always prefer to spend time and why?

42. What do you think right now, do you feel that you enjoy your life fully or not, what thing is still needed?

43. How can you feel if you able to fly in the sky with a superpower?

44. What things make you so emotional and you deal with it?

45. Do love to live with people or live alone?

46. What is your favorite music, you always prefer to hear again and again?

47. How do you deal with your greatest fear of your life?

48. What things really makes you crazy about your life goals?

49. What compliment you always received by your friends mostly?

50. Do you like-minded people or serious people in your life?


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Questions To Ask Your Crush

51. What is the incident of your life totally change your life completely?

52. Do you ever spend money without any planning?

53. How do you spend your free time during the day?

54. What is the one rule, you always follow in your life?

55. How you deal with when sometimes you get angry with another person?

56. What is most shocking think about your family?

57. Where you live to prefer a good house in a normal place or normal house in your favorite place?

58. How kind you are you, do you trust in kindness?

59. Whom you prefer to spend your life with your ideal person or with a rich person?

60. How you react if you found that your sex is a change in the next morning?

61. Do you prefer android or apple?

62. What is the best gift you ever received during your childhood?

63. What is the special thing you ever gifted to someone?

64. How you keep update yourself with daily current affairs?

65. With whom you always dreaming about your dinner date?

66. What is the cute song you always love most?

67. What is the nonphysical thing about another person do you like most?

68. When was the last time you fight to someone very hard and why?

69. Do you have any myth about life and why?

70.While reading to a newspaper what thing you read most and what news you always skip?

71. Do you trust in hard work and karma?

72. What is the most attractive thing you have but no one knows?

73. Do trust in luck and why or do we control our lives?

74. What is the greatest deal breaker of your life?

75. What is the name of your favorite superhero and why you like it?


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Questions To Ask Your Crush

76. What do you think about aging?

77. What do you think about the ideal relationship and why it is important for you?

78. Do you prefer to join big events or small gatherings?

79. What is that thing you still feel jealous about your friends?

80.As a speaker what message you want to share with the world about current situations?

81. What is that thing you always face teasing about it?

82.As a world-famous rapper what song you want to sing?

83. What do you prefer fame, name, or money?

84.If you won a million dollars in a lottery, how you utilize that amount of money?

85. What is the one incredible skill you always looking for in yourself?

86. What is your favorite musician and why?

87.If you would die in a week, what remaining work you always want to do?

88. Where you want to live life long near a beach or a mountain?

89. What do you prefer true love or huge money in your life?

90. What is the biggest regret in your life and if you got a chance to fix it then what will you do?

91. What is the greatest advice or suggestion you give to someone?

92. What is the greatest suggestion you ever received by others?

93. What is the best time for every person’s life, according to you?

94. What TV show your all-time favorite and you love to watch again and again?

95. What is a bad habit in you, you always want to change but you never tried to change it?

96. What is your dream place you always want to travel again and again?

97. What is the thing you always want to do but never tried?

98. What you prefer to call you an intelligent person or a happy person?

99. What is that thing you trust most but other people can’t trust easily?

100. Name the place where you want to do your destination wedding?


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Questions To Ask Your Crush

101. How you overcome yourself when you feel more nervous?

102. Name the celebrity who is your dream crush?

103. What is the reason for the smile on your face always?

104. What is the hidden thing about you no one knows it in your family?

105. What is that thing you always stuck when you thinking about it?

106. What is a myth about you, most people still trust?

107. If you are a world-famous painter, so what thing you want to draw first?

108. What is that thing you always want to experience but never experience right now?

109. What is that thing you always lie about yourself to others?

110.What job you want to prefer in this world and how much salary do you expect?

111. Describe yourself in 5 words?

112. What is your favorite social media platform and why?

113. What is the stupid thing you always like but other people don’t like?

114. What is your favorite candy or chocolate?

115. How do you feel when people do not give a compliment to you after your any good work?

116. Whose phone number you learn by heart except you?

117. How do you behave with your friends and family members?

118. What is the greatest thing you learn from your family?

119. How do you deal with intense pressure in your daily life problem?

120. What is the unexpected thing you ever have done?

121. Do you like sports or not?

122. What is the most favorite language after your mother’s language?

123. What type of food do you like the least?

124. What thing is deeply closer to your heart?

125. What are your most favorite hobbies during the night?


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Questions To Ask Your Crush You Really love

126.If you got the power of understanding animal language than whom to you to talk to first?

127. What thing attract you most about me?

128. What is the secret of a healthy relationship according to you?

129.Do you like comedy movies? Why?

130.What is your most favorite color who really describes about you?

131. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

132. What do you think about a soulmate, does it really happens in this world?

133. What funny things you do, while you feel boring?

134. How many times in a day do you see your face in the mirror?

135. What is your best day in this year?

136. What are the little things that really make you crazy about life?

137.Whom you understand the luckiest person in the world and why?

138. What things really motivated to live your life without any fear?

139. What are your resolutions of this year and how will you achieve this?

140. Name your best friend and why you like them so much?

141. Are you a good listener or not?

142. How do you imagine our life in the next 5 years?

143. What is the most unique quality do you have, which no one knows?

144. Do you trust in love at first sight or not?

145. Do you agree life is just like a roller coaster?

146.In what situation you feel panic and how you deal with it?

147. Do you prefer to call and message to talk?

148. What do you think about marriage and love?

149. How do you feel when someone is hurting you?

150. What type of person do you like most and what you expect from them?


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Questions To Ask Your Crush

151. Do you think money buys happiness?

152.From what type of people you are feeling comfortable with?

153. Which side of the bed do you like to sleep at night?

154. What type of junk food do you like most?

155. What thing do you notice first when someone meets you?

156. In what condition do you feel more comfortable and safe?

157. What type of advice do you give the people younger and older than you?

158.If you write a book about yourself than what would be the title?

159. What one rule you follow always in your life in any situation?

160. What is that thing you always want to keep you away from it?

161. What is the most shocking truth about your life only you know?

162. What is your favorite musical instrument and why?

163. On which social media platform you spend most of the time?

164. What is your favorite book you always reading and never feel boring?

165. How do you rate your sense of humor between 1 to 10?

166. What do you do in your weekends?

167. What is your favorite quotes or pickup line which really represent about yourself?

168. What are the 5 things you really love about yourself?

169. What are the 5 things you don’t like about yourself?

170. What things do you suggest to me to win your trust?

171. What thing you really love about yourself while working in the office?

172. Do you enjoy your work and how you deal with it?

173. Tell me how do I get to know more about you?

174. What are the qualities a good person has, according to you?

175. How you introduce yourself in front of others?


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Questions To Ask Your Crush You Really love

176. Does your heart keep someone inside you?

177. What are the short and long term goals according to you?

178. Is am I your type or not?

179. What do you think about me? Is l am part of the future plans?

180. How’s your day going?

181. What things really make your day?

182. What is that thing you always hate and always want to away from it?

183. Do you like cats or dogs?

184. What is one good thing you really learn from your mom and dad?

185. What is your best life memory ever?

186. What is the cutest memory of your childhood?

187. What is the biggest issue in our country today?

188.How many kids you want as a parent in your life and why?

189. What is the most strange thing you feel every morning?

190.Have you ever share your toothbrush with someone?

191. Do you ever kiss someone, how do you feel at this moment?

192. How do you feel while giving your interview to someone?

193. How comfortable you are answering random questions to a stranger person?

194. What is your life of mantra? Why do you like this?

195. What is your most favorite fruit and why?

196. When was the last time you cried most and what is the reason?

197. Who is your superhero and why?

198. What should be your ideal date?

199. Do you have faith in making a relationship or not?

200.Why people say that you are the best in…?

201. Do you focus on your body fitness or not?

202. Do you like outdoor or indoor games?

203. Do you have any nickname?

204. Do you like cooking or eating more?

205. Do you have faith in karma or revenge?

206. What is the worst day of your life and who is responsible for this?

207. What is the best gift you ever give to your parents?

208. What is that thing you really hate about your family?

209. How well you are a money manager?

210. What is one thing you never forget in your life till your death?


Questions To Ask Your Crush You Really love

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1000 Questions For Couples