Best Questions To Ask Your Partner To Get To Know Them Better (200+)

Best Questions To Ask Your Partner

Questions To Ask Your Partner To Get To Know Them Better

Before diving into your relationship questions to ask your partner to get to know them better is really important for anyone. Ask your partner can you talk openly to me about everything because these questions give a way to know more about your partner and really helps you to understand about them and also leads to a healthy relationship.

1. In what ways would you like to be famous and why?

2. What is the ideal definition of love according to you?

3.If you have to change one thing from your past what it could be?

4. What is the most challenging task for you and how do you perform it?

5. What is the type of biggest experience you have in your past relationship?

6. What is the greatest life lesson you ever learn?

7. What is the greatest life lesson you advise someone?

8. What is the most daring thing you ever perform?

9. When you cried last time in your life and Why?

10. What change you have find in you in the last 5 Years?

11. What is the happiest moment in your life?

12. How many times did you push out from your comfort zone in the past?

13. What are the biggest turning points in your life?

14. What is the work done by you in the past that feels most proud of yourself.

15. When was the last time you feel unsafe and how you deal with it?

16. How do you want to be remembered yourself after 5 years?

17. What is that thing you want to expect in your future most?

18. What skill you really want to learn in the upcoming years?

19.In your old age what type of person you become?

20. What habits you really want to adopt in you?

21. What is your biggest dream you really want to achieve in your life before you die?

22. What is your wish you really want to add in your bucket list with me?

23. What are your financial goals and priorities in the upcoming future?

24. After retirement what wish you want to complete first?

25. What is your family plan and what you think about family?

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26. How would you see our future together?

27. Where do you see yourself after 5-10 years?

28. What are your short and long life term goals?

29. What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

30. What is that thing you really want to change about me before you die?

31. From tomorrow you will get a skill, what was it and why?

32. What is that thing you really want to do but until now you can’t do it?

33.If you got the power to see your future. What is the first thing you ever want to saw?

34. Do you have any secret plan, how will you die?

35. With whom you really want to do dinner at least once in your life?

36. What does love really mean to you?

37. What thing really works best in our relationship according to you?

38. What is that thing you really want to change in yourself but you can’t?

39. What is the biggest strength in our relationship?

40. What is the biggest weakness in our relationship?

41. What is that thing you really want to change in our relationship and why?

42. What is the non-physical quality you really like about me?

43. Suppose if our relationship will end, then what thing you really miss most about our relationship.

44.What things really lack in our relationship and why?

45. What is that thing which really makes our relationship strong?

46. What is one similarity between us, you really like?

47. What is one difference you really like about us?

48. What is the biggest fear you have about our relationship?

49. What is the greatest thing about our relationship which really makes you happy?

50. How would you describe our relationship in one word?

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Questions To Ask Your Partner To Get To Know Them Better

51. What is the best thing when you fall in love with me?

52. What is that thing you can’t like about our relationship?

53. What is one thing you really want to do with me but never try?

54. What is that thing that makes you really happy but don’t want to do it again?

55. What is your favorite thing you really love want to perform on time but always late?

56. What thing you really do first if you win a million-dollar lottery ticket?

57. What is the healthy relationship definition according to you?

58. What do you think that any things that happen in our life is a reason behind it or not?

59. What is that thing you never forgives about our relationship?

60. What is the biggest blessing you ever received from life?

61. If you would get a chance to do one work for one year continuously, what is it?

62. What is the one thing you never fear about?

63. What is the one thing you never tolerate in your life?

64. How you describe your self in one word?

65. How would you describe our relationship in one word?

66. Why do you think our relationship is best from others?

67. What is the thing, you really want to achieve in your life at any cost and why?

68. How does your perfect day look like?

69. When you really feel you?

70. What is that thing you remember while making any decision in your life?

71. What is something you never want to stop in our relationship?

72. What thoughts come in your mind first, when you saw me the first time?

73. What is one habit you really want to change in me and why?

74. What is one of habit you really likes about me and why?

75. Do you wish I could read your mind, then how you react?

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76. Who is the person who is really close to your heart?

77. What is the funniest memory of your childhood?

78. What things really make your day?

79. What you really think about the relationship when you are young?

80. Do you think you are an optimist or not?

81. What is the most fearful incident in your life?

82. Name your best friend and why you called the best?

83. Did you compare yourself from others or why?

84. What quality makes you different from others?

85. What is the greatest talent you have found in yourself?

86. What type of personality you have an introvert or extrovert?

87. What is your biggest mistake in your life and what lesson you learn from it?

88. What is your favorite subject during your school time?

89. What is your favorite chocolate when you were a kid?

90. Do you ever appreciate others or not?

91. What thing do you learn most from your parents about family and relationships?

92. Whom you love most in your family?

93. What question you never asked from me but always want to know the answer of it?

94. Do you trust in God or not?

95. What things make you angry most?

96.How you deal with your fear and what things make your personality strong?

97.What things make you lazier and why?

98. What things make you realize about your existence?

99. What is the best part of your life you never forget?

100. Where you always wanted to travel with me all time?

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Best Questions To Ask Your Partner To Get To Know Them Better (200+)

101. What is the best moment for you with your mom?

102. How close you are from your father?

103. What is your most favorite book or magazine and why?

104. What is your favorite game?

105. What do you really think about marriage?

106. What thing really makes you crazy about me?

107. What is your most favorite movie, you always want to watch again and again?

108. What things really spoil your day?

109. What is the most important thing you always love about your work?

110. What are your friends calling most about you?

111. What is your biggest life achievement ever?

112. What is the great thing you always want to offer your society and country?

113. What type of food you really want to make for me as a professional cook?

114. What is your role model in your life and why?

115. When you were getting emotional most last time?

116. What do you feel about me when you are alone?

117. What do you love most about your mom and dad?

118. What questions do you face most when you meet strangers first time about your personality?

119.As a shopkeeper what thing you really want to sell?

120. What memory do you want to give to the world about you before you die?

121. What things do you inspire most about life?

122. What is your most favorite thing while making love with me?

123.For performing what kind of activities you always want more time?

124. What is the one thing which really changes your life ever?

125. What is the strangest thing you ever done you never like?

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126. What is that thing you always want to give me as a surprise?

127. What is the best thing you always expect me?

128. What things make you strong from others?

129.What is your most favorite quote?

130.How romantic you are and why?

131. How you start your ideal day?

132. What things make you happy while performing your daily work?

133. What thing do you suggest to other couples to come to close to each other?

134. What is your greatest phobia and how you deal with it?

135. For what things you are most thankful for life?

136. What is your favorite aroma and why?

137.Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi and why?

138. What is your greatest victory ever?

139. Do you trust in family traditions or not?

140. What superpower do you ever want to complete your one wish and why?

141. What is the worst job or work you done ever?

142. What is your ambition in your life and how will I help you in that?

143. What leadership qualities do you have?

144. Do you enjoy listing to music or not?

145. Do you love pets or birds?

146. Do you enjoy your current job?

147. How you deal with your office mates while working?

148. What things make lose your courage?

149. How do you cope with your bad day?

150. Who is the most supportive person in your life which support you unconditionally?

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Best Questions To Ask Your Partner To Get To Know Them Better (200+)

151. Do you trust values and rituals?

152. Have you ever crush on someone or not?

153. What type of relationship do you like most?

154. What is your biggest regret about life and why?

155. Do you trust cheating and why?

156. Do you ever lie to your partner?

157. What turns you on about me?

158. Are you habitual of drink and drugs?

159. Do feel jealous in love or not?

160. Do you ever cheat someone before in your life or not?

161. How do you feel when you have your first kiss?

162. What were the first things that come in your mind when meeting someone first time?

163. How you deal when you got angry and how I help you in that?

164. What do you think about women, how much she responsible for relationships?

165. How inquisitive you are about love and relationship?

166. Do you procrastinate things in your life?

167. Are you a loner or not?

168. Do you habitual of masturbating or not?

169. What do you think while making love with me?

170. Are you still a virgin or not?

171. What is the best thing you love about us on the bed?

172. What is your favorite position while on the bed?

173. Do you enjoy foreplay or not?

174. Are you a quick learner or not?

175. Can you take a bullet for me or not?

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176. What do you think love is all about sacrifice?

177. Do you enjoy gossip or not?

178. Can love or relationship is successful without lovemaking?

179. How can I Get your attention easily?

180. How sharp is your mind?

181. What thing you can’t do never without me?

182.What part of your life is more worst than ever and why?

183. What is your secret recipe of beauty?

184. Do you ever fear of failing in your life?

185. What things I can do for you which really makes you happy?

186. What is the definition of best friend according to you?

187. How responsible you are getting successful in our relationship?

188. Do you enjoy photography and what is your most favorite photo?

189. What is the most romantic gift you ever received from me?

190. What is the most critical health challenge you are facing now?

191. How much you helpful for others?

192. Do you trust in luck and hard work?

193. What is your best vacation ever?

194. How do you feel more exotic while making love with me?

195. What is the boss’s quality do you have in you?

196. How much you give importance to culture and religion?

197. What is your favorite indoor game?

198. What is your biggest myth about relationships when you are young?

199.How much we support each other and what improvement is needed to make our relationship strong?

200.How you face your hard time, are you a warrior?

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Best Questions To Ask Your Partner To Get To Know Them Better (200+)

201. How are you a good manager?

202. Where would you like to spend more money always?