Why Cant I Get A Boyfriend Understand In 9 Easy Steps

Why Cant I Get A Boyfriend

Are you worried about why cant I get a boyfriend? Are you also dreaming you have a boyfriend,

Here you find the best possible reasons and there answers why cant I get a boyfriend. Do you self examine yourself that why you do not get a boyfriend. Self-examination is very important, it gives you the root cause of your problem.

If you don’t understand why cant I get a boyfriend, you also take help to your friend, but if you don’t want to know anyone about your personal life, then you can follow the tips and causes which really helps you out to find the best answer of the question why cant I get a boyfriend?

Why cant I get a boyfriend ( problems & Solution):

1. You are too shy:

It’s a good thing that you a very beautiful person, and maybe some guys interested in you, but if you really want a good boyfriend, beauty is not enough, you have to change your shy behavior.

Suppose if a boy comes to you and shows his interest in you but you can’t talk to him because you are not feeling confident and too shy, there is no possibility that you have a boyfriend.

You need to change your shy behavior, for this, you must go outside and try to talk with so many peoples, so you gain some confidence.

2.High maintenance attitude:

Are you one of the girls, who like to show others a high maintenance attitude, and maybe this is the reason why you still have no boyfriend?

High maintenance girls are known for keeping guys at a bay and they always creating drama or overreact in her relationship.

There is some example of high maintenance attitude like, why you talk to that girl instead of me, why you are not called me last night, why you give priority to others.

No guy like this type of girl who is always nagged like this is a relationship. So there think it’s better to keep themself away from high maintenance attitude girl.

3.Your appearance:

Do you really take care of your appearance? Do you care about your looks, what is your dressing sense? If you not care about your looks and appearance, so how can you expect that you have a boyfriend. Keep in mind nobody likes an ugly person.

The more you work on your looks and appearance, the better chance you get a boyfriend. A good look gives you more confidence than ordinary looks, and because of your good looks so many boys are attracted to you. And there is a higher possibility that you find your dream boyfriend.


Without confidence, nothing is possible in this world. Ask a question to yourself that why cant I get a boyfriend, soon you get the answer that you have low confidence, so you not feel comfortable talking with someone.

If you gain good confidence, you must learn good communication skills. The ability to present yourself in front of others really helps you to boost your confidence and personality.

If you are really serious about having a boyfriend in your life, so work on your communication skills and personality.

5.Too Busy at work:

There is nothing bad about being busy with your work. Are you one of them, who never try to get a boyfriend in her life because of work and busy work lifestyle?

Being an interdependent woman in your life is an awesome thing, but it doesn’t mean you not give any time to your personal life. This may be one of the reasons you are single and still think about why cant I get a boyfriend.

So its time to manage some time to your personal life and get a good boyfriend in your life.

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Why Cant I Get A Boyfriend
6.Low self-esteem:

Because of your low self-esteem, you are not like to make a boyfriend in your life. Are you one of them who is always thinking negatively about yourself?

Remember one thing, you never achieve a positive result with a negative mind, so it is very important that you change your low self-esteem or negative mind into a positive mind.

If you learn how to love yourself first, then you able to love another person. You need to change your mindset and forget the dislike thoughts about yourself.
Then you are able to make a boyfriend very successful.

7.You don’t know how to flirt:

If you are not a master in flirting, there is less possibility that your relationship going last long.

Flirting is not a cup of cake, because flirting is the first stage of a relationship that helps you interact with someone whom you are interested in.

The art of flirting does not only help you at the beginning of the relationship but it is always helpful to maintain a healthy relationship with your boyfriend.

If you are not sure, how to flirt, so you have to learn from books or by watching romantic movies and also take the help of your friends.

8.You never try online dating apps and website:

Are you one of the girls who never try online dating apps or websites because of the fear you don’t want to show you publicly?

This is another angle but may try at least once to find the perfect boyfriend for you. Keep in mind the good or bad happens online is dependent on how you use a particular site and apps.

If you follow the right guidelines you never face any trouble. There is no doubt dating sites are a great way of finding a good boyfriend. There is no harm in trying these dating sites.

9.You have no idea where and how to meet with a person:

There is no doubt at the beginning of every relationship, you need to meet a person, but as a girl, you are not sure about what is the right place or time you meet a guy.

You meet a guy in the park, at a party, or in a restaurant, there is an unlimited number of places. The most important thing which plays an important role is your confidence. If you are confident, the place really doesn’t matter where you meeting a guy.


Why Cant I Get A Boyfriend


Now you have a good idea about how to deal with this question why cant I get a boyfriend. Simply you follow all these steps and analyze the things which point is perfectly working for you.

You need to change yourself first, then things will automatically change. Keep a positive approach and increase the higher chances of success.

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