Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes (4+ Points)

Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes

Are you worried about why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes and you both not enjoy intimacy?

There is no doubt sex is one of the most beautiful part of the relationship but at the same time, sexual problems are very frustrating. And vaginal loosing is one of the most disappointing issues for women, who are lacking in sexual desire.

There are many myths or rumors about why a girl feel loose sometimes, so firstly you know about what are the rumors, which is not really true but most of the people still find this may be one of the reasons behind, why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes.

Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes ( Myths)

Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes

There are some old myths or rumors which is not true in reality. Most of the subject matter experts agreed that the reason behind most of the sexual problem is your mind, what you think, it really matters and your belief system is very important, remember one thing the negative mind, never gives you a positive result.

1. Having sex frequently:

Most people think that their girlfriend feels loose because they sex frequently but it is not true.

According to subject matter expert having too much sex with your partner is not make your vag loose. The vag has a natural capacity to get back in the normal position after having sex because of its elastic and lubricating quality.

2.Because of losing virginity:

Generally, people think that after losing virginity, the vag becomes permanently loose, but this is not true. After having sex vag muscles come back into normal position. So there is no logic behind this that loosing virginity is one of the main reasons for feeling loose.

3.Having sex with different partners:

Its totally a rumor that having sex with different partners, your vag is affected and becomes loose. But the reality behind it no matter who you have sex with, girl vag is not loosened.

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Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes ( Real facts):

Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes ( Real facts)

Now here you are knowing about some real facts which may be responsible for the reason why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes.

1. Hormonal changes:

Due to the hormonal change in the body, girls feeling loose. During menophase, their estrogen level drops, and due to this vaginal tissue may feel less flexible, less acidic and there is a dryness found.

2. Aging factor:

advance aging is one of the main reason, so your girlfriend feel loose. As age increases the body muscles of a person getting more relax day by day.

Due to the increasing age factor, her sexual part also relaxing and there is change happens naturally in elasticity.

3. Lifestyle:

This is one of the major factors which may be responsible for why your girlfriend feeling loose.

An unhealthy lifestyle and improper food habits really impact your body functionality. Do some exercise on regular basis, to maintain your body.

4. Stress & Depression:

As you know earlier this type of problem occurs because of mental stress and depression. Your thinking is very important.

So make sure to provide yourself a stress-free environment, try to be positive and so your body also behaves positively.

5. Accident or surgery:

Because of so many vaginal childbirth, accident or surgery may create this type of problem. After having all these body muscles is not working properly.

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Do you know about female sexual dysfunction?

During female sexual dysfunction women or girl is suffering from these 4 kinds of problems.

1. Lack of intimacy or no sexual desire.

2.Unable to sustain the arousal during sex.

3.Not feeling passionate about sex and not feeling the sexual climax.

4.Very painful intercourse results in fear of physical intimacy.


Problems while feeling loose:

Because of feeling loose, your girlfriend may face this kind of issue:

1. Feeling no interest in foreplay or unable to prepare for intercourse.

2.Not feeling orgasms, lack of intimacy.

3.Feeling negative and stressed.

4.Fear in mind about having sex.

Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes (3)


After reading this now you have a good idea why does my girlfriend feels loose sometimes and what is the reality behind this. This is a natural problem mostly faced by the person who is matured and getting to old age. But you take experts’ advice and continue the treatment according to them.

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